The Idea

I wanted to create a peaceful image, which conveys the idea of beauty and warmth. This is what I came up with.

The Objects

The woman is just a Poser model. Converted it to a mesh with smooth triangles, added the nice metallic texture, scaled it and just placed it into the scene.

The heart is made of plain CSG, using a box, several cylinders to round off the edges, as well as torii and spheres for the two humps. To get a high contrast, I merged the object in order to fill it with red emission-media.

The water was a little difficult. First, we have a plane for the ocean, using an average of two bozo-normals both double-warped with turbulence. Second we have a heightfield which is used to create the waves emitting from the lying woman. It was created by using a view from underneath the water to have an image of which parts are actually touching (intersecting) the plane. The image was used to create (by hand with a paint programm) a pattern of waves surrounding the intersection areas.

The Clouds were made with the "stacking-planes technique". Using a bozo texture, of which a certain part is not fully transparent, 80 planes were put on top of each other over a distance of 400 POV-Units. The "haze-area" (which is not fully transparent) shifts in size while moving upwards. This way, I achieved the nice puffy clouds. Using the (for this purpose) awesome sky-sphere, the nice color-gradient was made pretty easy, using an image of a sunset that I had floating around in my mind (not real image, just my memory).

The Lighting

I just used one simple point light-source to get some specular hightlights on the woman and the heart, the water itself has no specular highlighting. Actually, the light wouldn't be needed except for the highlights!

Personal Note

Nowadays, this image seems waaaaaay far back, and then again, the idea of a woman's love, and how I value it - well, that hasn't changed much.

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