The title "No Lights" was originally dedicated to the virtual and digital nature of my dabbling in CGI, in reminiscence of the absence of actual light. Nowadays, I like to think of "No Lights" referring to the vast darkness in space. When you look up at the night-sky, you see a couple pinpoints of stars and the closer planets, but in between these stars, it seems rather empty. However, as the Hubble telescope has shown, in between all those stars are nebulae and galaxies, in fact, the dark skies suddenly turn out to be bright and colorful, you just have to look close enough.

And thus we come full-circle! In this big thing we call the internet, there are stars like Google and eBay, Amazon and YouTube. In between, sites like mine reside, and they might be much more colorful and interesting - at least I hope so. :-)


21.11.2020 - 16:40
It has been quite a while since I've actually done something with the website. I've kept my Collections updated, but as I'm switching from all my MacBook-Related software, I'll have to look for an alternative, as Delicious Library is not available on any other platform. Anyways, I'm always wondering if/how/when I should do a rehaul of this website myself, but that's always something I keep pushing to the back of the list - it feels like broadcasting to the web is not something I really need, although I do enjoy having a website to keep my old POV-Ray images, some photos and such. And as I'm not using Twitter anymore (obviously haven't for quite some time), I've just removed that from this site. We'll see if that gets me motivated to do something with the site...

1.3.2014 - 13:14
An image of mine (Tranquil) served as inspirition and now as a cover for a single by Huxley's Nightmare and Wh1ch House. Links to the track can be found on Beatport and iTunes. I've got a copy as well, and I really like it, fits my taste. Might be expected with an image of mine on the cover. ;-)

4.6.2013 - 22:50
Haven't been too active lately on my website, aside of keeping my Collection updated. I tweet mainly to keep at least something updating on a more or less regular basis... Last weekend I found myself wondering about creating a new image. Roughly reaching midway of 2013 and finally getting closer to my new year's resolution... Not bad. ;-)

2.1.2013 - 16:59
Happy new Year! I've been programming tons of the good ol' OpenGL for work. It is fascinating as well as daunting to try and program a responsive 3D-Engine which needs to handle a couple hundred k of triangles. As a bonus, I figure all of that is valuable experience which I can pour into eventual Android apps. The downside: Programming all day usually leads to little motivation to script for POV-Ray images in my spare time. However, the more I program complicated graphics code, the more I ponder about writing code in C++ which'll spit out scenes I could render with POV-Ray... So, with all these ups and downs in regard to new POV-Ray images, I'm not sure what one should expect. Will I finally create a new image this year? I hope so, but I can't make any promises. Things have rarely been going as planned lately. A new image is, nontheless, part of my new year's resolution. If that counts for anything.

9.7.2012 - 0:53
So, the new design has finished uploading and everything seems to be in order. For anyone who's curious, here you can see how the website looked like while files where being uploaded and moved about. :-)

4.7.2012 - 21:50
Due to various reasons, website rehaul was delayed somewhat. I did buy a new laptop however (the old one was 5 years old and had a significant dent in its aluminium casing...), and with a new laptop comes the urge to clean things up. Having multiple subsites seems kinda inefficient, so I'm pondering about a modified design that'll merge everything back together. I might go for a more loose structuring as well, instead of a fixed 800 pixel width, but we'll see. I still want the POV-Ray side of things to be accessible, mainly because I still hope to delve into it again someday... I hear that hope dies last. ;-)

In case you're really interested, older news can be found here...

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