"Final Goodbye"

The Idea

Sometimes, people leave you behind. I guess everyone has his own story to tell of such reoccuring events... Anyways, I wanted to express this one with the warm, golden area where the man is left behind, while she is leaving him. It's his subjective perspective, hence she's the one moving into the blue and cold distance.

The Objects

With Poser 3 I posed the people and used subsurface scattering.

The background is achieved with a "gradient x"-pattern on a sky_sphere and black boxes in the line of view. I'm creating a forced perspective in this one, the angles don't all line up properly, the persons are scaled differently to create the illusion of an actual perspective view. If you look closely, you'll notice how her feet don't line up properly with an imaginary plane running along the bottom line of the colored expanse, and, if you're really experienced, you might notice that the man is actually waving somewhere towards the middle of the scene... It's all a little distorted and wrong, adding up to the confusion and pain of the scenery.

The Lighting

Every Poser3-person has its own two lightsources, made possible with POV 3.6's lightgroups. On the man, the warmish light is enhanced, whereas on the woman, the blue light is stronger.

Personal Note

The image went through various stages, where he was a mere hand in view and she was waving back, different viewing points and lighting (went through a radiosity attempt at some point) until it ended up at this. I had been aiming at a much stronger image, but what I had in mind just wouldn't come to virtual life, the colors and contrasts I had in mind just weren't to be put onto a two dimensional image. In regard to this image, I think it just nudges on the feeling I wanted to create, but that nudge, at least for me, suffices to bring back painful memories. Again, I think we all have our own share of these...

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